Devices running uClinux

Devices running uClinux

  • Arcturus Networks has a microcontroller module designed specifically to run uClinux. It is called the uCsimm. More information can be found at the uCsimm website.
  • SnapGear Inc produces both consumer and developer products based upon uClinux. The SecureEdge (TM) is a family of reference designs for secure, Internet-ready appliances. As a development platform the SecureEdge (TM) makes it is easy to quickly prototype deeply embedded applications. Customers have built diverse applications such as gas station forecourt control with e-commerce, government sports/betting regulatory controllers, and satellite protocol optimized remote access routers. One notable project has been the BMS player developed for SnapGear Inc provides total lifecycle services from conceptual design through to manufacturing and even global fulfillment. Partners include Motorola and Hitachi.
  • Aplio has several uClinux-based products, including the ATMEL ARM7TDMI based voice-over-IP telephone. The Aplio/Phone allows you to talk for as long as you want without incurring any long-distance charges. Aplio also offers the AT91 Development Board. This is a helpful tool for a development team using the Aplio/Trio to design an Internet Appliance.
  • AXIS ported uClinux to their ETRAX chip in order to develop a commercial product, their AXIS 2100 Network Camera. It is a digital indoor camera with direct network attachment.
  • ADOMO have a product line of great ColdFire based set top home thin appliances. Check them out [here], or read [this] article from
  • TABO software developed a Programmable Logic Controller that uses Arcturus Networks’ uCsimm and runs uClinux. Read this article on it. Contact TABO at
  • ATMEL has an ARM-based evaluation board, the AT91, that runs uClinux.
  • Arnewsh Inc. also makes evaluation boards that run uClinux.
  • CISCO 2500/3000/4000 Koen De Vleeschauwer has created a patch that allows uClinux to run on older MC68EC030 based CISCO routers (2500/3000/4000). It requires 4MB of RAM. The patch file will be moved into the uClinux archive in the next few days. For now the patch can be found at
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