A Letter to Obama

Dear Barrack Obama,

As we all know the injustice has been running for so long in the Middle East. Hatred and suspicion have been spreading all over region. Shootings and killings have been daily menu in many places. Millions of people died for no reason. Husbands lost their wives. Wives lost their husbands. Children lost their moms and dads. Mom and dads lost their children. Bomb blasts crippled thousands of teenagers. Mine explosions permanently injured thousands of kids. Women are forced to be prostitutes for food. Men are forced to steal and rob to survive.

Barry, as an Afro-American I believe you are more sensitive to injustice than others. I strongly believe that you have a deep sympathize to victims of political conflicts in many places in Africa. I believed you have a great empathy to those suffered from hunger. Your tears may drop when you are watching television showing skinny skeletons of African children begging for food.

Yes, I do believe Barry, in a short moment you will become the strongest person in the face of earth. Definitely, you will contribute to the development or the destruction of the world. We beg you to rule the US as well as the rest of the world with your brilliant brain and beautiful heart. This is your chance to build a better world for living, a chance for a lifetime to create a peaceful and harmony world. I do believe you are capable of realizing your dreams.

Barry, we know that you have plenty agendas to fight food, environment, energy, and economic crisis. We know that you will be sworn to serve your best to the US people. We know that you have to be more compromised to your political oppositions. However, we hope you will be more tolerant to Moslems in the Middle East the rest of the world. Avoid double standard policy that has been practiced for so long by the previous US leaders. Reduce your suspicion to Moslems and give us a chance to live side by side with others peacefully. We also hope you will be more empathy to the needy Africans. They have been tortured for so long by sectarian conflicts. Your great power can make Africa different.

Barry, let’s talk about living in the Day After. You may live 80 years or a little bit more of your life here in the world. After that your life continues to the Day of Judgment. You may enjoy an eternal good life or bad one there depends on what you have done in the world. Save yourself from an eternal bad life in the Day After by listening to your heart before doing bad thing, before signing policies that cost people’s life.

Last but not least, Obama do not hate Islam. Use your brilliant brain to learn Islam. Its moral values match very much with your great characters. On your free time as the US President do spend your time to visit www.mta-onlie.com. I know you understand Bahasa Indonesia. You may write email or chat with me about Islam anytime. Do not hesitate to contact me on suparno2000@yahoo.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
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. May Allah extend His guide to you Barry, see you brother.

Best of luck,

Dr Abdurrahman Suparno


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