RFM12BP-433 RFM12B Module with 500mW Output Power 433MHz

Inini salah satu refensi untuk membuat otomatissi yang berbasis wifi yang mempunyai jarak hingga 1 sampai 2km

RFM12BP-433 RFM12B Module with 500mW Output Power 433MHz

– High output power with 500mW
– High input sensitivity with -116dBm
– Low costing, high performance and price ratio
– PLL and zero IF technology
– Fast PLL lock time
– High resolution PLL with 2.5 KHz step
– High data rate (up to 115.2 kbps with internal demodulator£¬with external RC filter highest data rate is 256 kbps)
– 50 OHM antenna input/output
– Programmable TX power
– Programmable TX frequency deviation (from 15 to 240 KHz)
– Programmable receiver bandwidth (from 67 to 400 kHz)
– Analog and digital signal strength indicator (ARSSI/DRSSI)
– Automatic frequency control (AFC)
– Data quality detection (DQD)
– Internal data filtering and clock recovery
– RX synchron pattern recognition
– SPI compatible serial control interface
– Clock and reset signal output for external MCU use
– 16 bit RX Data FIFO
– Two 8 bit TX data registers
– Standard 10 MHz crystal reference
– Wakeup timer
– 2.2V ¨C 3.8V power supply for FSK IC, 12V power supply for power amplifier
– Standby current less than 0.3µA
– Supports very short packets (down to 3 bytes)

Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, silahkan kunjungi DATASHEET.

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  1. mas, udah pernah nyoba modul ini ga??


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